Construction Access Control System

Control who enters your premises (or sensitive areas) with the press of a button.

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Control who has access to your property

Want to restrict access to your premise to specific people? Access control systems let you do just that. CGF Security & Electrical can design and install a wide range of access control systems, from simple buzzer entry systems to more sophisticated setups that use access cards, badges, passwords or pins, and even biometric identifiers such as fingerprints or irises.

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Keep your Home Safe with the Best Control Access Systems in Sydney

We’re all familiar with access control systems in offices, other workplaces and official buildings. However, they can be just as beneficial at home.

Imagine never having to worry about locking yourself out ever again – just press a finger against the sensor or have mobile access and you’re in!. You can also easily monitor comings and goings – so you’ll always know what time your teenage son came home – and you can even set parts of your home off-limits at certain times, such as if you’re hosting a party. It can also be integrated with other elements of your home security system.

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Control access to your business

Know whos coming and going, at what time. 

Limited certain staff to time and days

Range of way to control – apps, swipes, fobs , 

Use cases 

  • Business, offices, child care centre, warehouses etc – places with lots of staff or people coming and going. Gyms , storage facilities.

Safe As Houses

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