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Intercom systems enable you to communicate with someone at the door via audio and camera. It’s an essential screening and security measure, especially for vulnerable or private people, or if you wish to restrict access to a premise.

Today’s intercom system are a far cry from the crackling audio-only systems of the past: nowadays, intercoms come equipped with high-resolution video and audio, and can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet – so you don’t even need to leave the couch to unlock the door.

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Control access at home, too

Ageing intercom systems are renowned for their quirks – bad audio, dropped calls and keypad failures being amongst the most common.

We generally recommend replacing your intercom system after five years, as this is when most begin to deteriorate. If your system is dated or beginning to malfunction, we can easily install a newer model. We’re also happy to provide maintenance on your existing system as well. Get in touch today for a free assessment.


Resi – this is a convenience item – so it should be sold as that.

  • Know whos at your door / gate – Qualify them before granting entry 
  • Grant entry to house / garage / gate 
  • Keyless entry is so convenient – for joggers /  tradies / cleaner / kids / beach goer who leave keys at home that you can control
  • Do all this from home or any where in the world
  • Communicate with your postman delivery guys, give instructions


These are the use cases and selling points

I love mine, i use it for keyless entry and let the delivery guys drop off gear each day via the app, so handy 

Strata and Flats

This is more about access and knowing whos at the front gate, letting them in and controlling the lit up stairs to maximise convenience


Whos downstair / waiting to pick up parcel, needs access to the property etc

Safe As Houses

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