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Ensure maximum safety with accurate CCTV positioning

All offices and commercial complexes need to take measures to keep the company’s assets and employees safe. Many vital papers, files, and equipment are present in offices, so security is always a significant concern.

This concern can be easily handled by positioning the right CCTV cameras in suitable locations. CCTV cameras provide 24/7 surveillance of the entire premises of your office. However, where to place commercial CCTV cameras in your business is something companies need to work with.

Our services can help businesses enhance their workplace safety. We ensure that our CCTVs are positioned in a way that provides maximum coverage and complete security. High-quality cameras are a vital part of making an efficient security system.

Positioning security cameras

CCTV positioning is an essential factor that optimises security in workplaces and commercial complexes. Where to position commercial CCTV cameras in your business is a decision that needs to be taken carefully and after considering all aspects and factors like visibility, height, place, etc.

With CGF, you can rest assured about all these things since we provide expert services in installing and planning the security system.

Spaces in a commercial complex or office that should have CCTV surveillance:


Tracking the people who have entered and left the building can be easier and more accurate with CCTVs. If you have visible CCTVs at the entrance, people will notice them, and the chances of them causing disturbance and damage can be reduced.

Lobbies and reception areas:

Lobbies or waiting areas are a place where many people unrelated to the company can also come. This is a place where many people come and go throughout the day. They can be employees, clients, maintenance and hygiene staff, and a lot more people.

Storerooms and warehouses:

A majority of office supplies, raw materials, and even manufactured products are kept here. With CCTVs from a trusted company like ours, you can protect all your materials and secure the space from potential burglaries or thefts.

Where to position commercial CCTV cameras in your business is an important decision that needs to be made based on 2 parameters.

  1. The height of the CCTVs.
  2. The angles of the CCTVs.

Both these factors are essential since the cameras need to be positioned in the right spot to ensure complete coverage. Placing the cameras too high will result in pixelated images, and situating them too low will make them accessible and visible to thieves so that they can easily break them.

The angles are dependent on the height of the cameras. If the cameras are high, then the angle needs to be adjusted in a way that allows focusing on specific places like the reception desk, entrance door, etc.

Why choose us?

CGF security and electrical is a trusted name in the industry. We have been providing reliable services to businesses for many years and specialise in providing the most efficient security solutions.

Hence, with our expert advice and accurate installation, you can ensure the safety and security of your company and prevent any mishaps from happening.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we keep you safe!


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