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Everything to know about access control

Access controls have been gaining increasing popularity lately. You may have heard about them from a colleague, and now you want to know what these systems are and what they do.

We have got you. This blog will give you a succinct overview of what access controls are.

What is access control?

In the simplest terms, access control means taking control of who enters a place and when. This is an electronic system that one can pass through by identity authentication. Authentication can be done via an access card, a pin code, fingerprint, face recognition or a smartphone based on the type of control you have.

What does an access control system manage?

The following are some of the major tasks an access control can do:

Who has access

An access system allows you to authorise particular individuals for access. For example, employees can enter when they have an authorisation, but clients will have to wait in the reception area.

Which doors

You can also select who enters through which doors. For example, you only want your IT team in the IT lab and no other employees.


You can set the time when an employee can enter the building based on their shift to keep the location as safe as possible.

Under what conditions

Under what conditions can the access control system be programmed so that a client or a contractor may only get access if they present the documents asked of them.

Why should you use an access control system?

Now that you know what access control is and what it can manage, let us see the reasons why you should use an access system:

No keys

Remember the last time you lost your keys. It was definitely less than a month ago. An access system does not require any keys meaning no hassle for them.

Saves money

When you employ an access system at a location, you do not need other systems like a security system, alarm system and such.

Keeps track

With a key and a lock, you cannot know who entered the location and when. But with an access system in place, you can.

High-level protection

An access system provides a high level of protection for your most confidential documents and valuable items.

No unwanted visitors

Say goodbye to unwanted visitors. With an access system, only the people authorised to enter can enter the location.


Access controls are a great way to implement your own rules for your business. We talked about what access control is, its various advantages over the traditional way things are done, i.e. lock and key, which can be easily picked and what it manages. Moreover, they can also help you save money in the long run.


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