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Understanding the Features of Commercial CCTV

For businesses across Australia, security is paramount. Whether you operate a boutique retail store or a large-scale factory line, security is vital to continuing operations, productivity and peace of mind. It is for this reason that many businesses install CCTV for surveillance and security. 

Not all CCTV systems are the same, and the features of one commercial CCTV system may differ from another commonly used type. Understanding these features will allow you to make an informed decision when choosing a CCTV system to meet your business’s particular security needs.


High-Definition Video

A key feature of modern commercial CCTV systems is high-definition video. The days of blurry, low-res, black-and-white images are long gone: High-definition (HD) video offers clear, crisp images with considerable detail. HD resolution offers several advantages to the user, including improved recognition of objects and providing a better quality of evidence. Additionally, the selection of HD equipment for commercial CCTV systems allows for greater flexibility when it comes to installation and the ability to monitor areas at greater distances. 


Night Vision

CCTV systems with night vision are increasingly popular for businesses that require surveillance around the clock. This feature allows a system to record clear images in areas with limited or no light. Night vision CCTV systems may use an array of advanced infrared or thermal imaging technology to achieve effective recording and security, even when the environment is dark.


Motion Detection

Motion detection is another key feature of commercial CCTV systems. Generally, the system will detect movement and instantly notify the user of disturbances. The system will then begin recording and alert authorities in the event of a security breach. Motion detection on a commercial CCTV system is particularly effective when used in combination with other features, such as night vision and remote access. 


Remote Access

Having remote access to your commercial CCTV system ensures convenience and flexibility for the user. Remote access to the system enables users to keep an eye on their establishment from anywhere in the world. This feature works especially well for businesses that require additional monitoring or insights from multiple locations. This can be achieved through web-based viewing or smartphone apps.


Audio Recording

Many CCTV systems offer the ability to record audio as well as images. Recording audio captures conversations and activities across the monitored space and can be used in cases where further review and evidence are required.


Ultimately, the features of your commercial CCTV system will be dictated by your needs. At CGF Security and Electrical, we can talk through your requirements and help you understand which features would work best within your business setting. Contact us today to find out more.


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