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How Can An Access Control System Help You?

Do you want to secure your house or building?


Are you looking for ways to control the entry of strangers?


Everyone wants to secure their place. It is critical to protect your location at all times and to be aware of who enters and when. One of the most amazing ways to do this is by installing an access control system. An access control system controls the entry of people in a location and when. It is ideal for buildings, offices, or sites. If you’re interested in this system, you must know how the access control system works before you decide to invest in one.


If you are unaware of this advanced technology, then read this article to learn what an access control system is and how it can help you.


What Is An Access Control System?

An access control system is a security system that controls who enters a location and when through a computing environment. It is one of the most basic concepts in security that reduces the risk to a building or an organisation.


To track employee access to a restricted location, user credential and access card reader, most organisations use an electronic access control system based on auditing and reports. A few systems include access control panels that limit access to buildings and rooms, as well as alarm and lockdown capabilities to prevent illegal operation or access.


The Problem With Mechanical Keys

Small organisations use mechanical keys, the simplest form of physical access control. However, these keys also pose problems. Here are a few problems associated with using mechanical keys:


  • Keys tend to get lost easily. People often lose keys out of carelessness or in a hurry. When keys get lost, it becomes mandatory to replace the lock so that no one misuses the keys. Also, you will be required to distribute the new keys to everyone who is required to access the door.
  • With keys, it is impossible to see who enters the location and at what time. Thus, there are chances of fraud and burglary.
  • To enter an organisation or a building, a person must carry keys to different locks, which are often inconvenient to keep. Moreover, it is also difficult to remember which key is for which door.


Why Is an Access Control System Important?

An access control system helps you track who has access and who doesn’t and enhances the overall security of your place. This is especially important in the case of an emergency. Also, it controls unauthorised entry to locations, such as IT offices, schools, factories, hospitals etc.


Furthermore, you may not want all your employees to access all the places in your organisation for security reasons. In this case, an access control system keeps you and your employees secure. However, giving your employees and staff members a brief about how the access control system works once you install it is important.


Here are the benefits of having an access control system:


No need for mechanical keys

Once an access system is installed, you will no longer require mechanical locks and keys to secure the doors, which ensures no security breaching. Most organisations have more than one room, and it makes it difficult to manage the keys. With an access control system, you can access every door without keys.


Track the movement of the people

An access control system helps you in tracking the people’s location efficiently. This will also help you identify the person and area in case of theft, burglary or any other accident.


Ensuring the protection of the staff

When an access control system is installed at your location, your staff, employees and visitors are safe from unauthorised persons entering your premises.


Decreases the cost

Another advantage of having an access control system is that it lowers your overall cost. You don’t have to spend on supplying and replacing keys, locks and hiring security guards to keep the premises safe. This is even more important for a large organization that hosts thousands of employees and staff on each floor.


With an access control system, you will not have to allot different personnel for every floor; just one access control system can help you access the entire building. It can also be integrated with the heating appliances and lighting, helping you save energy and reduce the electricity bill.


Reduce burglary and theft

No unauthorised person will be able to enter your premises, so there will be fewer chances of theft and burglary.


Improved employee experience

An access control system can help your employees feel safe and secure working at your organisation. This can then improve their employee experience. They will be able to access the different areas of the office easily without depending on the security personnel’s availability.


CGF Security & Electrical: Reliable and Smart Security Solutions

The bottom line is that an access control system has several benefits, not only in terms of security but also in improving employee satisfaction and experience. If you want an access control system installed at your location, you can contact CGF Security & Electrical to get it done. Our licenced professionals can help you understand how the access control system works and give you the best installation services.

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