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How Commercial Security Systems Prevent Shoplifting

As a retail store owner, you know that shoplifting can be a big problem. You’ve probably lost merchandise to theft at some point, which can be very frustrating. But did you know there are ways to prevent shoplifting in your store?

Commercial security systems can include cctv cameras, alarms and motion sensors. They work by deterring thieves and allowing you to monitor your store for possible theft.

Commercial security systems can provide additional benefits, such as reducing insurance costs and improving employee productivity.

In this blog post, we look at the ways you can install anti-theft devices for retail stores, as well as the types of commercial security systems fit to install for your business.

Why You Should Have the Right Security Tools in Place

You must do a few key things to prevent shoplifting in your retail store. The first is to have the right security tools in place. This means having security cameras, alarms and other anti-theft devices installed. These devices will help deter thieves and make it easier for you to monitor your store for possible theft.

There are a variety of commercial security systems available. You can choose from simple security cameras to more sophisticated systems that include motion sensors and alarms. The type of system you choose will depend on your budget and the level of security you need.

Video Surveillance System

Any would-be shoplifters are discouraged by a security camera that offers a view of the cash register and entrance to a business. It implies that all thefts will be recorded and be admissible as proof against any offenders.

Keeping an eye on every store section will also alert customers that you are observing any illegal conduct. Potential criminals thinking about shoplifting are more likely to change their minds if they’re aware that a video surveillance system is watching and recording their every move.

Access Control Systems

An access control system is a practical and cutting-edge technology that gives employees security and mobility whilst keeping restricted areas free from intruders. You can wave a card in front of an access panel to grant admission rather than using traditional keys to enter a building from the outside or to get access to rooms whilst within the structure.

You can also assign access roles to particular locations to grant access to specific staff and keep out other employees or visitors. It also audits who and when the staff accessed the area.


If you affix a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to an item, a thief considering stealing a piece of clothing, an electrical device or any expensive product will know he won’t get very far. These tags are an efficient technique to decrease stealing and notify staff when it happens, primarily when used with an alarm system at any store entrance. The other benefits include helping with inventory tracking, being reusable and not being susceptible to damage or removal, unlike barcodes.

Other anti-theft devices for retail stores include alarm systems, door and window sensors, automated emergency door locks and more. Choosing the right one can help strengthen your business’ security capabilities.

Benefits of Putting Commercial Security Systems in Your Business

Here are some of the benefits of having commercial security systems:

  • Protect Your Company’s Assets—Your assets, including valuable goods and specialised machinery, are always vulnerable to theft or damage from trespassers or angry workers. Your security system may assist protect your bottom line and help bring offenders to justice by using video cameras to record the action and an alarm system to alert the police quickly.
  • Keep Employees Safe—More than merely protecting your assets, protecting your employees is a crucial component of store security in a business. Panic switches, paging and intercom devices, mass notification systems and fire alarms are a few aspects of a commercial security system that are all intended to make the workplace safe and secure.
  • Encourage Fewer False Claims—As a company owner, you risk having your employees or customers fabricate liability claims. For instance, a worker can falsely report a work-related injury, or a consumer might pretend to be hurt whilst shopping at your establishment. These claims may be verified or refuted, and any safety flaws that require fixing to prevent further occurrences, thanks to the security cameras that are there to record it all.
  • Eligibility for Reduced Insurance Premium—Insurance companies prefer commercial security systems because they offer protection from various risks, including theft, worker’s compensation and intrusion. You may be eligible for lower rates due to your lessened risk after installing commercial security alarm systems, which would result in monthly savings on your insurance premiums.
  • Peace of Mind—Because modern security systems are autonomous, you have fewer concerns after business hours. When you use remote monitoring, you may view live footage of your company at any time, from anywhere.

Other Ways to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Store

Other than putting up effective commercial security systems in place, there are also preventive ways that do not require the use of technology but can complement and improve your security further.

Here are ways to prevent shoplifting in stores without using security systems:

Recognise the Signs of a Shoplifter

A few signs that can help you recognise a shoplifter are:

  • People who are loitering in your store or lingering near the exits.
  • People who are wearing baggy clothing or carrying large bags when unnecessary.
  • People who conceal merchandise under their clothes.
  • People who are distracted or acting nervous.
  • People who constantly look at the staff and not the merchandise.

If you see someone displaying these signs, be sure to investigate. Don’t be quick to assume but remain vigilant and continue to observe. You may want to use security cameras to monitor the situation.

Organise Your Store in a Way that Makes it Difficult to Shoplift

Less sophisticated techniques, including designing your store’s layout to discourage thievery, can also aid in preventing retail theft. It will be crucial to keep displays and check-out areas well-lit and devoid of blind corners to detect any suspicious activity. Locating well-known targets near high-visibility check-out facilities can deter people from making a ‘hit and run’ and convey that any stealing attempts will be dealt with swiftly.

  • Making sure merchandise is not left out in the open.
  • Putting high-value items in locked cases or behind the counter.
  • Organising shelves and racks so that they are not easy to browse through.
  • Keeping a close eye on customers who seem to be browsing for a long time without buying anything.

Prevent Employee Theft

Whilst it’s commonplace and advisable to prevent customer theft, there are also ways to prevent employee theft in retail stores. There should be rules to stop the internal theft of money or goods. Effective strategies include having workers inspect any bags, backpacks or coats before a shift and having a security guard accompany workers out of the building at the end of every shift to guarantee thefts are avoided.

Employees are less likely to commit theft if they are aware that their actions are being watched, similar to how shoplifters are deterred.

CGF Security & Electrical: Reliable and Smart Security Solutions

Commercial security systems are designed to protect businesses from theft and vandalism. A reliable security installation company can customise a commercial security alarm system to fit the specific needs of any business.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced company to install a commercial security system in your business, then choose CGF Security & Electrical. We offer a wide range of security systems and can customise a plan to meet your needs. We also have years of experience installing and servicing commercial security systems, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service.

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