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How to secure your home from a break-in?

Are you paranoid about someone breaking into your house while you are away at work, on a trip or vacation? Some people might call that paranoia, but we think it is acceptable. No one is okay with knowing that someone might break into your house and take away your valuables at any moment!

In this blog, we will talk about ways you can use to safeguard your house from break-ins.

How to secure your home from a break-in?

The following are some of the ways you can implement in your home to protect it from buglers:

Invest in a security system

The first and most effective step to defend your house from a break-in is by investing in a decent security system. A security system will stop intruders from breaking in and will also alert you when there is a break-in. Moreover, if a trespasser sees a camera or signs of a security system, they will abort their mission.

Secure the doors and the windows

Most of us forget to do something as basic as locking our doors. It is the primary form of protection that is exploited by 32 percent of burglars. You should also consider updating your locks to smart ones, as they are impossible to break into by a normal burglar.

Install outdoor lighting

Intruders do not like to be in the limelight, and that is why you should install outdoor lighting and keep it on. When burglars see outdoor lights, they are likely to move on. Thus investing in outdoor lighting is a good way to secure your home from a break in.

Do not forget our garage

Do not keep all your focus on your home. The garage is also very important as it can be an easy entrance into your home. Make sure all doors and windows are locked, and the door that connects your house to the garage should also be locked.

Hiding the key

Please do not hide your key under the doormat. That is the first place the burglar will check. Instead, give a spare key to a neighbour or a friend. When that is not possible, think of creative hiding places for your key.

Here are some more ways to protect your house from a break-in:

  • Install interior hinges
  • Use smart locks
  • Use the peephole
  • Get a safe


Those were some of the major ways on how to secure your home from a break in and keep it safe and sound. To recap, you need to invest in a security system, secure the doors and windows with advanced locks, install lighting outside your house, make sure your garage is secured and hide the key somewhere safe.

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