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Alarm System Installation Services in Sutherland Shire, Sydney

Want to protect your property and loved ones while you’re asleep or away? An alarm system will alert you if the interior or exterior of your home or business is disturbed.

In fact, just the sight of a home alarm system or security surveillance will decrease the chances of a break-in. Research has found that visually noticeable alarms act as a deterrent to criminals. Some studies have even concluded that a burglar is 2–3 times less likely to try to break into a premises with an alarm.

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Monitor Your Property 24/7 With the Best Alarm Systems

The days of alarms being deactivated during power or phone line outages are long gone: all our recommended alarm systems are designed to be online 24/7. There is a battery backup in case your power goes out. We also provide 4G/5G communication options if you have an issue with your landline.

In fact, all our alarm systems can distinguish between pets and intruders, so your pets won’t set off the alarm by running through your home. No more false alarms when your awesome friend gets the zoomies at 3 am!

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Were mainly biz and resi here

Alarm install – New systems, mainly businesses with back to base – lower premiums

Resi Wireless Install – We can also do reliable wireless systems for those finished homes – reduce premium – app controlled 

Alarm upgrades –   most systems get to 15 years old and die or start causing issues, don’t risk being woken in the night by an alarm or a faulted sensor

Alarm Servicing –  Keep your working well and keeping your home or business safe with regular maintenance. Batteries would be change d every 3-4 years 

Back to base –  Know you business around the call with back to base monitoring, who can even send a guard if needed. 

APP – easy to use apps so you can control you system from the beach

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of setting up an alarm system depends on various factors. These include the brand, the features you need, and the type of work that needs to be done. To get an alarm installation quote, get in touch with us!
Yes, we also offer complete home security solutions that combine CCTV cameras, alarms, intercoms, access control systems, smoke detectors, and other environmental sensors.

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