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The Benefits and Uses of CCTV Installations in Your Property

CCTV cameras are valuable installations to increase the safety of an area. They guard the property and reduce the risk of theft and robbery drastically. The footage obtained is of great use on the personal, professional and authoritarian fronts for many causes.

But how long is CCTV footage kept in Australia? How exactly are CCTV installations useful? Should you hire professional installation services? Read on to learn more about CCTVs and the benefits of installing them.

What Are CCTVs?

CCTV or closed-circuit television are cameras used for surveillance of a place. They provide footage of the area in focus by the camera in real-time and are available for future reference. You can extract invaluable information from CCTV footage when used correctly.

CCTV cameras are available in various types:

  • Dome camera
  • Bullet camera
  • Day/night camera
  • PTZ camera

Each of these types is targeted to solve a specific issue and is helpful in many aspects. The safety and security provided by these applications is the primary concern of most customers. Technology has evolved in the CCTV avenue to promote safety in spaces increasingly.

How Is CCTV Footage Useful?

The main uses of the footage, which prove that CCTV installations are beneficial, are detailed below:

  • Reduction of crime rates

CCTV installation dramatically reduces break-in rates. Thieves prefer low efforts to break into a property, and cameras keep them at bay. With the threat of being tracked down imminent, CCTVs help scare off many criminals from targeting your space.

As the footage serves as valid proof to produce in court, most people are wary of cameras and tend to behave more professionally. Stores experience a significant decline in shop-lifting instances with the presence of cameras.

  • Proof during investigations

When a crime occurs in the vicinity of your area, or there is a tip that a criminal is roaming near you, CCTV installation proves to be of great use. Detectives and officials rely on camera footage to accurately know a person’s whereabouts.

Number plates of a vehicle can also be captured on cameras, which is very useful for tracking down criminals. One can also make sketches of a person based on images obtained from these cameras. This proof is invaluable to catching hold of people and generating useful information about them.

  • Useful records

CCTV footage serves the record-keeping practice, especially in commercial settings. Tracking customers is very easy with access to footage. Personal uses, like when people left the house or what you did on a particular day, can be quickly figured out with these records.

CCTV records also play essential roles in case of a crime nearby. They can be used to track down suspects and use it as proof in court. This process of record-keeping proves to have many benefits in many areas.

So, how long is CCTV footage kept in Australia? The footage is maintained anywhere between one to three months, depending on the utility of the cameras installed. Shopkeepers may choose to preserve the footage for longer durations for record keeping, whilst homely installations can do the same for shorter durations. The footage should be compulsorily maintained for seven days according to government rules.

Why Should You Hire Installation Services?

Here are the main benefits of hiring installation services for your CCTV products:

  • Timely installation

The main benefit of getting professional help is the time and effort you save. Installing cameras is not an easy task due to the variety and procedures involved in each type of camera. Attempting to install them on your own can be tedious and lead to erroneous results. Professionals know the right way of CCTV installation in Sydney.

  • Quality and warranty

With installation services, you are promised the best quality of services. You can rely on the lifetime warranty provided with installations to avoid frequent repairs. Professional installers help utilise the camera’s features to the best degree for your needs.

  • Professional advice

You receive expert advice on the placement of cameras and how you can operate them. If you are entirely new to CCTVs, this guidance can be incredibly useful to use them better for your benefit. Professional CCTV installers also give advice about the right products for your needs.

  • Quotes based on assessments

Installation services provide a quote depending on the amount of work required to install CCTV cameras for your space. You will not have to waste extra money and will only pay depending on the amount of work needed in your area.

CGF Security & Electrical: Reliable and Smart Security Solutions

CCTV installations are vital to increasing the safety and security of your spaces. They tremendously decrease the probability of intrusions and robberies and work as helpful shreds of evidence. With various types of cameras and different installation options, it is recommended to get professional help for effective installations. It helps you save time and effort and allows you to make better purchases.

CGF Security & Electrical offers the best installation services for your CCTV needs. We are a team of experienced professionals who provide a lifetime warranty on our installations. We pay great attention to your experience and maintain friendly behaviour to understand your demands better by putting you at ease. We have five-star reviews on Google and work hard to support happy customers. From your questions about how long is CCTV footage kept in Australia to specific details of each product, we are here to help.

Contact us here and get CCTV installations today with a simple three-step process.

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