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Types of Alarm Systems

A reliable alarm system is a crucial aspect of home security. With burglary and home invasion cases on the rise, protecting our homes and loved ones is more essential than ever. However, with so many alarm systems available in the market, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. This blog post will discuss the different types of alarm systems to help you make an informed decision.

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Wired Alarm Systems

Wired alarm systems use physical wiring to connect the control panel to the sensors placed around the house. These systems are reliable and have been around for decades. They have a proven track record in deterring break-ins.

As wired systems require professional installation, they can be more expensive than wireless systems. Additionally, they may not be suitable for renters or those living in older homes that do not have wiring in place. However, once installed, they require minimal maintenance and are not affected by interference. Moreover, they can also be integrated with other home automation systems, making them a convenient option for those looking for a more comprehensive security solution.

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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems have gained popularity in recent years due to their ease of installation and versatility. As the name suggests, these systems do not require hardwiring and use a radio frequency to connect each device to a central control panel. This makes them useful for renters, as they can be easily moved and reinstalled in a new property. 

One of the drawbacks of wireless alarm systems is the possibility of interference from nearby devices that use the same frequency, although modern systems use advanced encryption methods to mitigate this issue. Moreover, these systems may require battery replacements, which can be a hassle for some homeowners. 

CGF Security & Electrical generally recommends wired systems for most of our clients, not least due to their proven reliability.

Monitored vs Unmonitored Systems

Monitored alarm systems involve a monthly subscription fee and are connected to a professional monitoring centre. In case of an alarm trigger, the monitoring centre will be notified and will take appropriate action, such as contacting the homeowner or emergency services. This type of system provides 24/7 surveillance and is ideal for those who want an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

On the other hand, unmonitored systems do not involve any monthly fees but rely on the homeowner to respond to the alarm triggers. These systems may send alerts to the homeowner’s mobile phone or have a loud siren that will go off when the alarm is triggered. While these systems can be cost-effective, they may not be suitable for those who are not always available to respond to alerts or have limited access to their phones.

Smart Home Alarm Systems

With the rise of smart home technology, alarm systems have also evolved to become more advanced and convenient. Smart home alarm systems allow homeowners to monitor and control their home security remotely through their mobile devices. Some systems come with features such as facial recognition, voice control, and integration with other smart devices – providing a truly comprehensive home security experience.


Ultimately, the right alarm system for you will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and specific security needs. At CGF Security & Electrical, we would be more than happy to assess your home security requirements and help you choose the best alarm system for your home. Contact us today to ensure your home and loved ones are protected at all times.


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