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What is an intercom system?

Intercoms have been used for over a century now, with new developments coming in every now and then. They help in keeping buildings secure and are extremely convenient. They are used in apartment buildings, gated communities, industrial facilities, corporate offices and more places.

In this blog, we will talk about what is an intercom system and discuss other topics.

What is an intercom system?

An intercom system is an electronic system that enables the communication between two people via video/ audio transmission. They also allow people access to an apartment building or a gated community.

In today’s world of smartphones, intercoms have taken a slight hit, but they are still widely popular in what they do.

What are the types of intercom systems?

Intercom systems can be divided into five major types, and they are as follows:

Wireless intercoms

Wiring intercoms throughout the building can be quite expensive, and that is where wireless intercoms come to the rescue. They depend on radio frequencies, more commonly known as spectrums, and can transmit audio and video.

Wired intercoms

Wired intercoms are still quite popular among the audience as they offer increased privacy and eradicate the possibility of someone snooping on your conversation. Cat 5/6 ethernet cable is mostly used in wired intercoms as it makes it more secure and reduces the chances of picking up other signals.

These may rely on WIFI or an internet connection which external networks can disrupt.

Apartment intercoms

These kinds of intercoms are designed specifically for residential buildings. They allow the residents of the building to communicate with each other and the visitors. Moreover, these intercoms also allow an individual access to a property.

Many apartment intercoms can now be connected to the residents’ smartphones, allowing them to use their smartphones as an intercom to talk to other residents and grant access to a visitor.

Video intercoms

Nowadays, people are also opting for video intercoms as they carry both sound and video for communication between two people. The video intercoms have a built-in camera and a screen for displaying the video footage of the other person.

These two can be connected to the smartphones of the user for a seamless experience.

Two-way radios

The last type of intercom system is two-way radios which are not technically intercoms but are considered as one. They have the flexibility of mobile signals as you can have long-distance communication as well. They require two base stations to enable communication.


That was everything you needed to know about the intercom system. We talked about what is an intercom system and what are it five major types. They were: wireless intercoms, wired intercoms, apartment intercoms, video intercoms and two-way radio.

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